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Pumpkin Spice & Organization Is Nice

Fall is… spiced apple cider, colorful leaves, everything #PSL, and bundling up for a cold morning and having heat stroke by the afternoon.

We love anything and all things fall-related, However—iconic fall symbols aside, we, at Progressive International believe a new fall ritual should be implemented.

Organization rocks; amiright? It eliminates late-night rifling through your pantry during a breezy winter night looking for hot cocoa, only to grab a Chicken Noodle Soup flavoring from 1997. Pantry organization in October is essential as we head into the busy holiday season when baking is just as important as saving room for that extra helping of mashed potatoes. Our airtight, stackable, and space-efficient ProKeeper+ Food Storage Containers will ensure optimal organization—or at least get you through the holidays without mistaking the salt for sugar.

Let's be honest, if your pantry looks like it's one soup can away from an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive, organizing can be daunting—we get it! But trust us, pantry organization will set you up for success for the last season of the year—and only you’ll know where the peppermint schnapps is hidden (kidding). So as we head into the changing seasons we encourage you to Fall In Love With Organizing. Below are 3 tips to help you embody Marie Kondo 2.0 and start organizing!

Photo source: Crate & Barrel


3 Tips & Tricks For Serious Pantry Organization

1. Evaluate what you have and keep a notepad in the pantry: This is the messiest and most intimate part of the purge. Nothing remains hidden. Not even that secret chocolate stash from 1991. Everything literally gets, “put out there” so you can figure out where you’re at and what direction you want to go. Whether that’s finding a home where more healthy snacks can be located or create a non-perishable section to help amp up your meal prep habits. A notepad is an easy way to assess the inventory list so you know what you have and what you need for your next trip to the grocery store.

2. Organize your pantry by category and label: Group commonly used areas that are relevant to your cooking and lifestyle. For example, create an area for dry goods, kid's snacks, lunches, baking ingredients, This will make finding what you’re looking for much easier and faster. Labels will also keep general types of food together. They also work great for expiration date reminders.

3. Take Advantage of Baskets, Containers, And Racks: Baskets, can racks, large bins, lazy susans... any sort of larger storage containers will help contain a potential mess. Plus, it's easy to throw things in the larger baskets when you're unloading a grocery hall. Not to mention, it allows for everything to be viewed and not hidden or forgotten about. Check out our favorite can rack, lazy Susan, reusable chalk labels, and various-sized storage bins with labels.

There are about 5375389 different organization tips out there but the above 3 suggestions keep it simple and are great for the organizational novice but also serve as a good reminder or refresh for those pantry pros out there too.


Why Simply Organized Co. Founder, Chantell Dennis Love's Our ProKeeper+ Food Storage Set

The ProKeeper+ Food Storage Containers are a great way to jumpstart your journey to a more organized pantry. Professional organizer and owner of Simply Organized Co. Chantell Dennis (IG: @simplyorganizedco) said the ProKeeper+ Set is how she keeps her baking products airtight and contained. This is important as we head into the holiday season when baking becomes essential.

“I absolutely love using the ProKeeper+ baking set in every pantry or kitchen I organize. Each container has a unique attachment that makes it functional for every cooking level: from a newbie to a professional baker,” Dennis said."My kids love all the fun attachments in the individual containers and I love how easy it is to use.”

Photo & Content: @desireekeoshianphoto | @simplyorganizedco



Wherever you're at in the organization process—whether it’s ready to tackle the holiday season, or you’re still rifling through seasonal snacks leftover from summer—organizing is a process that looks different for everyone! Start small, and go from there.

Although, if your pantry looks like an episode from Hoarder’s and feels like it’s beyond your own DIY expertise, Dennis offers custom quotes and consultations for her organization services; so you can go from Hoarder’s to Home Makeover in no time.

Happy organizing!

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