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Making Bread




The ProKeeper+ line is designed by kitchen gadget expert, Progressive International. At Progressive International, we continually strive to understand the needs of today’s cooks.


Our team includes talented, energetic, and passionate people committed to reimagining the kitchen. We strive to pass our passion on to our consumers through our thoughtfully designed tools, layered with our avid desire to go beyond the expected.


Our ongoing mission is to provide exceptional kitchen essentials that help cooks of all skill levels create meals worth sharing. 

The ProKeeper+ products are the ideal pantry food storage system for maintaining freshness and optimizing storage. Our line of airtight containers is uniquely customized for ingredients used by bakers and chefs alike.

Our company has a deep love for cooking and is

continuously learning and experimenting with ways to get the most out of our foods. Whether that means developing a method to keep brown sugar soft, or designing a product that dusts the perfect amount of powdered sugar onto a tart,  we find solutions.

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